Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Ronke Raji is out with a new video and in this one, she shares what it’s really like being a pregnant, working mom. Check it out below!

She said:

8 months ago I experienced magic and my life was forever changed. I couldn’t even believe that the dreams I had of my child were suddenly here, now. I was reading my high school yearbook and someone had written that in future we would hear that Ronke is pregnant and it reminded me that this is what I’ve always wanted. To be a mother to cuddle my child and watch him grow up. What I got from God, this my baby Amari was way more than expected, a happy joyful child who touches the world with his infectious smile. A child that keeps @bysirarthur and I on our toes and reminds us how blessed we are. I always have to say life isn’t perfect and maneuvering as a mother isn’t easy especially while being pregnant but focusing on what you are grateful for makes life a more positive place.
@bysirarthur (Yesterday after my shoot I was super excited to just come home and spend time with my baby, weekends are our special time)