A conversation about the South African fashion scene that excludes fashion designer and creative director of his own eponymous fashion brand, Rich Mnisi is a conversation that is very lacking. The designer, a rebel at heart who pays no mind to already existing limits to men’s fashion in Africa, has over the past couple of years actively changed how creatives and designers both on the continent and beyond approached menswear. But what is just as iconic as his mind-blowing work as a designer, has to be the designer’s personal style.

Similar to his work as a designer and creative director, Rich Mnisi’s personal style challenges what we expect from men’s style. With colorful patterns, daring cuts and silhouettes like we have never seen before, Rich Mnisi’s personal style takes edgy to a new level. However, what truly catches an onlookers’s eye is how he deftly switches between varying fits and codes easily blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity. The practiced ease and inherent style that seems to come naturally to this fashion veteran make him an almost inexhaustible source of style inspiration.

Of course, words are easy but pictures don’t lie and these ones prove that Rich Mnisi’s a true style icon!

Photo Credit: @therichmnisi