In celebration of International Women’s Day this month, Afrocentric stock photography platform PICHA has unveiled its latest collection tagged Afrofemme.

The Afrofemme collection aims to uplift and inspire while shifting perceptions and helping to change the visual narrative of black women (Afrofemme)

Founder Josiane Faubert created PICHA Stock on the realization that the perceptions of Africans in the world are not always the reality of Africans or black communities internationally, the Afrofemme collection is an extension of this mantra which represents women from all walks of life internationally, the goal of this collection is to empower marketing, advertising, and communications professionals to include more images of Black and women of African descent in their campaigns.

According to the statement of the founder:

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it was important for me to launch a collection dedicated to amplifying the beauty, diversity, and intelligence of the modern Black woman.

The images that the Afrofemme collection highlights, are images that I wish I saw as a young African girl in France. Our minds are wired visually, so it was very important to eliminate the stereotypes typically associated with Black women because we deserve to be highlighted in a nonbinary way, in our true diversity.

The Afrofemme collection will be available in various sizes: a free social media XS size, as well as standard and large sizes, which will be available all under royalty-free licenses. Each image in The Afrofemme collection is fully released and has been created by international photographers who have made it their mission to highlight their communities in their beauty for the world to see.

Scroll down for more stock photos from the collection.


Brand: @pichastock