Luxury African fashion brand Pepper Row has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 collection tagged Afrofuturism. The brand which prides itself on sustainability explores the world of forms and colours with its aesthetics.

According to the brand:

The collection imagines a utopian future through an African lens. A future where African influences in fashion, arts, culture, music, literature, and others abound in the world.

This collection was produced sustainably and hopes to promote African Culture and craftsmanship whilst highlighting the need for conscious consumption within our environment.

Creative Director, Omafume Niemogha explained that the brand worked with artisanal craftsmen—as they do all their collections. Aso oke fabric dominates the collection. They were handwoven by artisans in a small community in Kwara State, Nigeria. Organic cotton and silks, drawn on and dyed by hand, were used. Adire African prints were used, as seen on the kimono and trouser set and shirt paired with silk and scrap leather.

The silhouette of the collection threads the fine line between soft and hard; airy and structured. The colours range from soft pastels to dark tones.

This collection produced zero-scrap waste that would otherwise end up in landfills as plastics and non-biodegradable material never go away. Scrap fabric generated during production was repurposed and reinforced as seen on the abstract wiggle skirt.

See the full collection below

Credits: Brand: @pepperrow and