Who would ever believe there was a time when professional bridal makeup cost only N2,500? The unbelievable part is that this same skill now generates over $1.26billion in retail, with an estimate to reach $1.311billion by 2023! The beauty industry has indeed grown beyond “just brush strokes”!

 Founder and Head Makeup Artist at the Beauty Cook studio, Omontese Ita, has a brand new YouTube show, The BeautyCook Show, where you get answers to questions like how did we get here? Who are the key players in the Nigerian beauty industry? What are their secrets? 

The show’s key objective is to highlight and celebrate the contributors to the growth and success of the Nigerian beauty industry while sharing tips and trade secrets to help the ever-growing list of emerging beauty brands. 

The Beauty Cook Show features a diverse list of professional makeup artists, beauty entrepreneurs, beauty investors, business & product development professionals, and creatives.

About Omontese Ita 

Omontese Ita is the founder and head makeup artist at the Beauty Cook studio. With a little over 16 years as a professional makeup artist, she has worked with over 300 brides, trained over 1500 students, organized master classes, and copped a few nominations for industry-related awards. 

Omontese Ita has transformed how we tie Gelé in our social scene today through her luxury hair accessories brand, Noria Ita.

She is also a published creative artist, with features in ThisDay style, TW magazine, Vanguard Allure, Complete Fashion, WorkLife Magazine, City People, to mention a few. What started as a hobby in 2005 has evolved into a successful business dedicated to inspiring women through makeup application to become more confident. 


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You can also connect with Omontese Ita on Instagram @omonteseita or @thebeautycookshow