As we delve straight into fashion season, we also delve into all the amazing fashion events that come with it. This year NURU – a creative consultancy and lab purposefully built to service luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands – presents West Africa To The West; an event series of multi-dimensional and hyper-sensory presentations to exhibit the proud, artisanal craftsmanship emerging from the West African fashion industry. This is after a particularly successful first outing which took place at Soho House New York.


West Africa To The West will be taking place on Saturday, February 16th at London and will feature the works of Ivorian designer Loza Maléombho and Nigerian designer Kenneth Ize. The event, which goal is to connect artisanal heritage from West Africa to a wider and global audience, will be a four-part experience: visual installation, documentary film, panel discussions, and trunk show.

The theme for this year centers on Aso Oke – a specialty cloth woven by the Yoruba and identified in Ivory Coast as the Tissu Tisse. This year, Kenneth Ize and Loza Máleombhlo will showcase their latest collections and will be part of an interactive panel discussion which will discuss the progression of the contemporary African fashion using visual stimuli to showcase their textile techniques and creative confidence.

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