NOSAKHARE 23 by Izoduuwa celebrates cultural heritage and contemporary elegance, reflecting a commitment to redefining the fashion landscape with an Afrocentric mindset. Each piece tells a story, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship behind our designs.

Although established in Lagos, the essence of the name Izoduuwa is deeply rooted in the history of the Benin
Kingdom, symbolizing the journey towards prosperity. The brand draws inspiration from Africa’s diverse heritage.

Founded by P. Omoruyi Aigbovbiosa, Izoduuwa initially focused on basic menswear but has since transformed into a disruptive Afrocentric brand. P. Omoruyi’s narrative is entwined with memories of his mother’s craftsmanship from his childhood, igniting his passion for innovative styling.

Izoduuwa’s ethos embraces cultural richness, confidence, consciousness, individuality, disruptive innovation, empowerment, and sustainability.

In 2022, our creative designer experienced the loss of his mother, while also welcoming his mother’s first grandchild into the world.

Finding solace in design as an escape from his difficult reality, he immersed himself in creating a collection named after his nephew, NOSAKHARE, which signifies “what God has ordained”. This acknowledges the belief that significant moments can arise even amidst adversity.

 — Izoduuwa