Slow fashion womenswear brand Nola Black led by Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ star Arinola recently unveiled its new visual campaign tagged Hey Stranger.

The brand wrote in a statement following the release:

Hey Stranger is based on an assemblage of the emotions felt on an individual and collective level in the immediate pandemic and post-pandemic era. Divided into three phases – disruption, deconstruction and rediscovery – this collection invites us to examine the effect of thunderbolts. On the one hand, there is a complete disruption to life as we know it. This position is sustained for a while, after which there is an unravelling of ideas, a call to the questioning of positions once solidified and finally, out of all that is experienced comes an epiphany, a moment of sweeping answers, telling you about yourself, a bloom. Hey, Stranger is a hail to the newly informed you in place of this process of solitude.

Multiple fabrics in varying iridescent tones and hues dominate this collection to reflect movement and stillness in thought and form. The use of duotone reflective fabric is to evoke the idea of blurry memories, fleeting thoughts and raw emotion.

The colour tones move from a dreary earthly tone, which portrays being stuck in a dreamlike state, with fuzzy memories of events yet to occur, to bright distinct colours indicating a sudden bloom. Illustrative design details – such as empty holes of different sizes to spiral-shaped elements, distinct proportions, intricate sculpting, and sometimes draping, were used to extrapolate silhouettes best suited to the concept.

See all the photos below.


 Brand: Nola Black (@nolablackng)

Creative Director/Story: Arinola Olowoporoku (@thearinolao)

Director: Arinola Olowoporoku (@thearinolao)

Models: Tsakute Ladi Jonah (@officialsaskay) Adun Osilowo (@justadun)

Stylist: Cheche Uduma  (@captaincheche)

Makeup: Bisola Komolafe (@_komolafebisola)

Photographers: Fisayo Agunbiade (@skaterboifis); George Fredrick Wey, (@weythecreator)