If you’ve  had your eye on Lala Akindoju post wedding, we are sure you’ve seen some pretty cute looks on her ‘gram, but did you get a chance to check out her outfits to the Lights! Camera! Action Film Festival? Because she was sort of the style star of the event if you ask us.

Lala shut down the laid back, artsy film festival with her relaxed yet figure-flattering looks. The event, which she also hosted is known for its very relaxed vibe, drawing a primarily arthouse film crowd. It would have been easy to go overboard or look over the top, but we think she struck the perfect balance between the laidback vibe and bringing ALL the fashion. She exuded a cool confidence we can all aspire to, from her eye popping Amede print looks to a drool-worthy white lace dress from Zhena Woman, and, of course, sunglasses. Lala Akindoju served some piping hot looks, and we are here for it!

Day 1 in Amede  & Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi

Day 2 in  Zhena Woman & Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi

Day 3 in Amede