In a new  video, makeup artist and influencer Bregha shows us how to effortlessly install a lace frontal in this simple tutorial.


On her Instagram she shared:

How to flawlessly install a lace frontal ft ✨

I waited a whole month to be able to say this: NEW MONTH, NEW HAIR ?. Now that’s it’s off my chest?, let’s get into this luxurious wig by ! Now, I’m a hair novice but Novice and all i recognized this as gooooood hair ??and here’s why:

Hair Texture: It’s thick from root to tail! (Super Double drawn )
Length : it’s described as 14” but it’s looks even longer than 14” while it’s curled?
Color : A Chestnut Brown, it was originally black then bleached and dyed Chestnut brown ? without affecting its texture.
Density: 300grams, like I said it’s thick thick ??

Overall verdict: This is the good good hair! Luxury with a capital L ! ?

Wig install – @dharmsung ✨??

We’re saying goodbye to stressful lace fronts and wig gaffes this new tutorial!

Watch now: