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You can discover the most wonderful things on Instagram – we’ve all been there, scrolling aimlessly and then w find ourselves down a rabbithole of ever-expanding inspiration. Well that’s how I came across this incredible Kenyan furniture brand  – also the purveyor of the perfect daybed of my dreams. There’s nothing I love more than mixing classics with everyday staples and modern finds with personal knick-knacks. Minimalist design lovers will be drawn to this effortlessly elegant decor.

According to the Saba Furniture Company website:

Our design sensibility as a company is inspired by the rich history of Swahili crafts and design on Lamu Island.  

We collaborate with Swahili carpenters to produce Swahili inspired contemporary furniture and  our manufacturing processes are sensitive to the preservation of inter-generational crafts.

All of our products are handmade from ethically and legally sourced hard wood. Our mission is to produce quality furniture that highlights the rich design language of Lamu.