We are so excited for Christmas! We’ve decked the halls, laid out outfits, got our invites — but what are we doing with our hair?

Hair vlogger and model Nakawunde brings us loads of fresh, real and fun hairstyle inspiration online. Whether she’s attracting us with her interesting hairstyles for different occasions or letting us in on how she maintains her enviable hair length, she keeps us and her many YouTube subscribers hooked.

We scoured through Nakawunde’s vlogs for 5 holiday-perfect looks that will most definitely add a little flair to your tresses this season.

Check them out!


A Classic Holiday Updo

It doesn’t get much easier than this, don’t snub the classic. Yes, it’s pretty much “been there done that”, but it’s still very elegant in any situation. With 3 simple steps: hold, roll, and pin – you can achieve the look without stress.

Fun and Flirty Blowout

With all the Christmas parties you’ll be attending you want to shine brighter than the brightest star, and to do that you need to go all out with your hairstyle. Check out how Nakuwunde achieves her signature style.

The Bigger the Better with Extensions

Once you dominate the technique of adding extensions to your hair length you can alternate between two different finishes; a long low ponytail or a full blown out look, playing with different styles at the front part of your hair.

Chunky French Braid and a Bun

A simple bun style with a nice twist to it is perfect for soiree season and also a good excuse to show off fabulous earrings.

Have an Afrocentric Christmas

Whether your hair is tightly coiled or loosely curly, an Afrocentric hairstyle will make you stand out in a stylish way.