Summer beauty pretty much revolves around taking it easy. The heat and all the outdoor activities that come with it – you know what I mean BellaStylistas! Pool parties, BBQ’s, day-long beach jaunts – make it pretty impossible to commit to an elaborately glam look.

If you’re anything like us, you still want to look glam, but not overdone – and what’s a better way to achieve that effortless but oh-so-gorgeous look? The style every celebrity seems to be flocking towards – the Jumbo Goddess Ponytail. Featured in different lengths on everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Linda Osifo, what we really love about this look is that it looks deceptively extra – but is actually super simple to achieve.

All it really requires is a hair tie (or a needle and thread to tack it if you’re the anxious type), a few packs of hair in the colour of your choice and some hair gel and spray oil or hair polish. Realistically, it should take no more than 20 minutes and hey presto chango! You’re a glam goddess

Scroll on to see a step-by-step breakdown on how to achieve this look


Lead Image: HairbyTBelle

Step One

Use a pea-sized amount of leave-in all over your hair and comb upwards. Try Profectiv MegaGrowth Daily Leave-In Strengthener, which will add just enough softness to your hair to without making it heavy.


Step Two

Rake a sculpting gel through your roots as you scrape your hair back. Start with a tight ponytail at whatever point you feel, if you are going for more of a Sade Adu vibe place it closer you your nape, if you’re more of an Ayanda Thabethe girl have it close to your crown.


Step Three

Now tightly braid your hair and wrap it until it is secure. Depending on the ponytail size and length you want, split the pack at the base of the braid and use an elastic band or hair tie to secure it.

Step Four

Braid the entire pack as tightly or loosely as you want all the way down. Flip it over to cover your natural hair. Loosen the braid if you need to and ensure you mold and shape it over your own hair. This should disguise it completely and give it a seamless look.

“If you want a softer, more romantic look braid loosely,” says hairstylist Eunice Iwakin, but if you’re looking for a sportier look make sure the braid is very tight and secure.

Step Five

Seal it in. Smooth your edges – if you’re a fan of baby hair now is the time to perfect it. If not, finish up with a teensy bit of hair polish to give your hair the shine it needs, like ProfectiV Mega Growth Smooth Polisher SerumAvoid putting any product on the finished braid.


If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, this braided chainlink ponytail on Issa Rae is right up your street.



According to her go-to hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood:

Chain link braid. I did this braid using 4 different pieces of hair… This has become my favourite type of braid to do. Thanks @sharonblain for re-sparking my creativity. #issarae for @covergirl.#hairbyfelicialeatherwood : hair assistant @styledxr : Makeup by @kilprity : Wardrobe by @jasonrembert.


If you’d like a super smooth base like Linda Osifo‘s: when you’re done, with step 5, tie a scarf tightly around your hairline. Once that’s secure, blowdry the perimeter until it’s set.

If you fancy a more editorial look you can recreate Eunice’s MASSIVE cobalt blue puff and twist braid.


Or a more outfit friendly fishtail braid like Nowe Isibor‘s



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