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Knowing more about the fashion, cultures and heritage of regions beyond our local abode is important in creating unity. You cannot fully connect with someone until you know their story.

The Herero people in Namibia are Africans whose fashion choices are heavily influenced by the Victorian era – full skirts, poofy puff sleeves, gloves and hats. But to fully understand why, you’d need to know the story of the Herero genocide by the Germans. The Herero natives still await an apology to this day.

On this episode of Refinery29‘s Style Out There, host Connie Wang ventures to Namibia to learn about the fashion of the Herero people. Still in recovery from a genocide, the clothes they wear today represent a lot more than just an outfit, it is a form of identity and now a part of their tradition.

Watch this episode of Style Out There to see these traditions featured in a fashion week in Namibia!