Maxivive has released a new collection to mark Nigeria’s Independence this year. The collection features vibrant prints and easy-to-transition sets and separates.

In the statement following the release the brand said:

This capsule collection which was created to celebrate Nigeria’s independence explores a range of emotions going through the mind of an average Nigerian youth who despite having all odds being stacked up against him/her and having to create order out of a very chaotic environment still strives for an individual sense of freedom.

The capsule collection in its way takes an Imagination of a Nigeria in which, without compulsion or external discipline, every man, from self-discipline, does his duty the best he can, asks ‘how can I serve’ before ‘what is in it for me’, treats his neighbour as he wants to be treated, and focuses solely on being a good man, regardless of the next man.

With Volta print crafted from silk in sophisticated lines and balanced proportions, lost in Yesterday, exudes a tribute to life’s creation of freedom, timeless modernity.

See the full collection below


Photographed by @aecstudios⁠⠀
Art direction @kosolonwudinjor⁠⠀
Makeup @halid_rasak