Manicure day = Serious decision-making day

When it comes to your fingers, there are so many types of nail shapes you can choose from. Whether you love bold and colourful designs fingers or your digits are short and stubby and you need guidance on the nail shapes that look good with the perfect length – long or short.

Below, check out our definitive guide to nail shapes and pick which nail shape suits you perfectly.


Photo Credit: @zdn.nails

Flat on top with straight, sharp corners. Perfect for long or short nails.

 Squoval Shape


Square + Oval nails produce this pretty shape, squoval. Looks great with long nails that show off the style.

Round Shape


Round nails look good short because of the natural edges, the shape will not suit nails that are too long.

Almond Shape

Photo Credit: @nailsbyraybaby

This shape works when you keep long nails. It will create the appearance of extra length.

Oval Shape


These elegant nail shape helps to make wide fingers appear slimmer and short fingers to look longer.

Coffin Shape


Edgy insta-baddie shape perfect with long or short nails.

Stiletto Shape


This trendy shape, although a bit impractical will make your nails the centre of attraction – long or short!

Which nail shape is your favourite?

Photo Credit: Instagram