In the daily lives of Nigerian women, they are often made to make sacrifices to ensure the well-being of their families, partners and children. Often times, this is to their own detriment as these women hardly have the time to take care of their appearance let alone to look their best. Nigerian based beauty entrepreneur Laila Cadne is on a mission to challenge that narrative by telling the stories of these women.

The beauty entrepreneur who owns Laila Cadne Atelier – has released a powerful short film documentary which tells the story of five Nigerian market women and their struggle and experiences as they go above and beyond to provide for their families. The documentary isn’t your average documentary that paints the women as weak and helpless but rather it reminds you – the viewer – of the innate strength and resilience of the African woman.

Mma Nma is a story that depicts the beauty, strength, resourcefulness and struggles of the African woman and chronicles a quest to remind them of how beautiful they are. It pushes against stereotypes, goes beyond the surface and humanizes these women in a candid way. It also reminds these women that through everything; struggles and challenges, highs and lows,  they are and will remain beautiful.

Watch the trailer below!

Watch the full documentary here!


Creative Director: @ellecadne
Director: @LailaCadne
DOP: @ibidunnioladayo
Editor (full documentary): @babalolafelix
Editor(trailer): @timmydavies_
Full Documentary graded by: @princemeyson
Photographer: @emmanueloyeleke
Hair: @megagrowthnigeria @darlingnigeria
Makeup: @lailacadne, @makeupbykofo and Uju
Wardrobe: @seamstresslagos