On Saturday, August 6th, at Pérola dos Navegantes in Benguela, Angola, 24-year-old Swelia Da Silva Antonio took the Miss Universe Angola 2022 crown. The social scientist, who currently resides in the Netherlands, bested 24 other contestants to win the national competition.

Yasser Coimbra of Bié and Nelma Tchissola of Cuanza Norte were respectively the first and second runners-up, and Diana Mingas of Moxico and Mafalda Guilherme of Zaire completed the Top 5 finalists.

The highlight of the evening was the up-to-the-minute dresses designed by Nigerian fast-emerging fashion brand – Piillz n Poizn which were worn by all the 25 contestants individually.

Each piece celebrated the contestants’ feminine form and silhouette tastefully in various colours and textures embellished in rich Swarovski crystals, glass beads and paillettes.

According to the head designer behind the fast emerging fashion brand:

This was a welcome challenge and I’m glad my team and I were not just able to rise to the occasion but meet and surpass standard expectations. We made the clothes with general sizing because we had only 6 measurements out of the 25 girls,…..I am glad the dresses came out perfectly fitted, the dresses were all produced in Nigeria and we arrived in Luanda 3 days before the event, did our fittings and we were good to go.

All the exquisite dresses made an appearance at the contest’s grand finale. Swelia Da Silva Antonio, who succeeds Miss Angola 2019, Salett Natalia Martins Miguel, will represent her country at Miss Universe 2022.