Autumn/Fall is my favorite season. Asides the fact the floors are lined with golden leaves, it is actually the best time for great photography. The cool temperature and warm sunshine has a way of making everyone’s mood really calm. The season following this is winter so everyone is mostly layered and covered up in jackets.

The 5 looks below should inspire a more stylish and fun closet for you.

TONAL:  this involves your wearing similar shades/TONES of a color. You can play around with stone, oat, cream, blush, ivory and other shades of white for a soft autumn look like I did.

CAPE: An ideal cape knit this season should have a thick fabric. If your cape doesn’t have a turtle neck like the one below, ensure the top worn underneath has one. I prefer this look to be work with fitted trousers to contrast the wide silhouette the upper body would have. Feel free to layer as much as possible depending on the texture of your cape.

LEATHER: – this goes without saying as most of your footwear this season is leather. Try a leather jacket over your outfit. If it’s a light leather like the one below, you may need to wear a huge scarf depending on the day’s temperature. If you decide to wear footwear that doesn’t go above your ankle, wear socks with it. This makes a huge difference. Some really stylish leather jackets have fleece underneath, that’s perfect. You can also inculcate leather in your bottoms: trousers, joggings, and skirts which are also great ways to wear leather.

PUFFER: – Asides being outerwear, a puffer jacket could literally serve as your top. See photo below. Try to stay away from dark colors and add some fun to the streets in a colourful puffer. Trust me this adds some happiness to those you come in contact with.

TEXTURES: – Mixing textures is such a fun way to wear your clothes this season. In Autumn, I love me some tweed. On its own, tweed looks expensive and chic and it’s so thick you mostly would not need a jacket while wearing it. In the look below, there is a layer of cotton underneath my tweed co-ord.

I hope you have been able to draw inspiration from these looks. Have fun while exploring your wardrobe this season!

Styling: @metrogypsie
Photography: @mishmash_photography