I know what you are thinking. Can guys wear pink? Well, It’s 2018 and it is about the most masculine colour there is. Stylish men no longer think of the colour as something that only comes cut with an A-line skirt.

When it’s worn the right way pink makes any good style an awesome one. As with most light colours, pink is a bit picky with natural skin shades but fret not. From fuchsia to rose, there is a pink shade for man.

If your colouring is lighter you should go for darker and stronger shades to avoid being washed out by lighter pastels. Dark skin tones can get away with even the brightest shade.

Designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal is no doubt an advocate of genderless fashion and has mastered the tricks of working pink into any ensemble. Here three tips to take from him:

  • All Pink Everything

Not that pink is too outrageous, but it could get messy styling any colour from head to toe. Bayo’s trick is to block the colour with a contrasting shade. The colours that match with pink are best when they’re not bright; yellow and orange should be avoided while navy blue or grey and even white work well with pink because they allow the colour to shine through.

  • Blend It In

The simple hack for wearing all your favourite shades of pink at once is to put the most statement shade on top and go for quite a tonal look underneath.

  • Pink on Prints 

For men, prints are already daring enough, adding pink might be pushing luck – however, Adebayo proves that it can be done. Just remember that if you’re wearing any bold print, whether it be floral’s or any other prints in pink, you need to make sure you can tone it down with simple accessories, a basic pair of jeans or trousers and/or a plain tee.

So go ahead and wear the colour with pride. If you’re the only man wearing pink in the room, you’re the most stylish! *wink*

Photo Credit: Instagram | @theorangenerd