Mega Growth haircare range is the best decision to make for a healthy hair journey, with Mega Growth you have no option but to give up heat and products that contain sulphates, silicones, and parabens.

Healthy hair does not have a look. It could be short, scanty, and might even be lacking edges but here is the catch; healthy hair is available to everyone. With that being said, let us share some tips on restarting a healthy hair journey.

  • Use hair products that address the issues or needs of your hair. Using the Mega Growth Deep conditioner for breakage-prone hair and the Mega Growth leave-in strengthener for moisture on dry strands.
  • Be consistent in your wash day routines using the Mega Growth wash day combo pack.
  • Between washes, regularly moisturize your hair and seal in that moisture with natural oils using the Mega Growth growth oil.
  • Stretch relaxers by going more than six weeks between touch-ups
  • Using little to no heat on your hair

Relaxed, natural, or texlaxed, the main key to healthy hair is finding what process works for you. Check out how Cassie Daves restarted her healthy hair journey with the right care, habits, and products.

Have you made the decision yet? Start your healthy hair journey now. Shop the Mega Growth products here at www.thedivashop.ng