With ultra-feminine pieces paired with vibrant lush fabrics and unique details, it’s no wonder Divalukky has garnered an It-girl following since its launch in 2013.

Led by CEO and head designer Anita Chialuka Ebeledike, the brand is a contemporary multi-division fashion house; Bridal, Bespoke and Ready-to-Wear, that makes clothes for everyday women who love statement-making pieces.

According to Anita, who started designing in 2011 but took time to formally train herself before officially launching Divalukky, her favourite part of being a designer is the creative process; “If you follow our brand, you would perceive that we love originality, we love our own ideas. In fact, I always have butterflies in my tummy whenever I’m consulting and sketching for clients, and even more, butterflies when I bring my ideas to life. It’s the best feeling ever.”

In an exclusive interview, she tells us more about her brand, the journey so far; challenges and best moments as well as the bold step into bridal fashion.

Why fashion designing?
Growing up, I loved to draw and the fact that I could without actually learning how to was amazing for me. I used to draw cartoons for the longest time until I began to feel too old for it. I had to channel my creativity to the next major thing I loved which was fashion and trust me when I say, there is no place I would rather be.

Any challenges on the way?
Definitely. As juicy as this business sounds, it got its fair level of downs. Last year was major for us growth wise, and we needed to expand to be able to meet the needs of our clients. We engaged the services of like minded people, with the sole aim of creating a team that would help. However, it seemed like everyone came in with ulterior motives that caused us a major loss. Nevertheless, we were not discouraged, instead, it strengthened us.

Describe the Divalukky brand and Aesthetic
The ideal Divalukky woman is strong, stylish, confident, classy and is the definition of a boss lady.

What inspires your designs?
As a result of my art background, I draw a lot of inspiration from shapes and structures in my environment.

What made you expand the Divalukky brand from Bespoke to RTW?
To be honest, pressure from our clients to have readily available pieces that they could pick up spontaneously as opposed to booking an appointment and waiting for weeks to get a bespoke order done. There is currently a ready to wear line featuring outfits, footwear and bags, in Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja. Divalukky needed more exposure, hence the decision to launch in a mall. Also, people like things that are readily available so we had to take that bold step.

Why venture into Bridal Bespoke?
My love for anything bridal and the satisfaction derived from being part of a big day.

Which of your collections has made you most proud and why?
Currently working on a collection and I must say, I’m really proud of the looks because they define my style aesthetics. That would be my best yet.

What qualities do you think a fashion designer would need for a successful career?
As a fashion designer, you need to know a bit of everything in your area of expertise. If you don’t, learn, because depending totally on other people would one day leave you stranded. This helped me pull through the down moments in my career.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your fashion career what will it be?
I would tell myself, ‘there are shortcuts to success’.In my early years, I did a lot of trial and error but if I had taken my time to study and learn fashion before fully starting up, I would have skipped so many stages and would have still landed on the right path.

Lifestyle philosophy
“It is better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation”– Herman Melville.

Connect with Divalukky on Instagram: @divalukky@divalukky.rtw,
Anita Ebeledike:  @fablifeoflukky