Courtesy MAXHOSA by Laduma
New designers pop up everyday and quite a few of them are undoubtedly talented. We’ve had our eyes on quite a few up and coming brands and we will be highlighting some of the major on-the rise- brands you need to know in the Discover series.
Courtesy MAXHOSA by Laduma
On why he started his line
I have always been passionate about knitwear since childhood, I took up art as a major subject and learnt knitwear when I was young. In exploring knitwear design solutions when I saw a gap in what amakrwala (Xhosa Initiates) were wearing at the time. I wanted to create a modern Xhosa inspired knitwear collection. The aim was to create premium knitwear that celebrated traditional Xhosa aesthetics, from exploring astonishing Xhosa beadwork, and reinterpreting it to modern knitwear.
Courtesy MAXHOSA by Laduma
On the collaborators on his wishlist

I would not say influencer as such, but more as a person, there is an artist that I would be keen to work with; Cyrus Jabiru – an artist that up-cycles trash into beautiful eyewear pieces.

Who is the MAXHOSA by Laduma customer?

A MAXHOSA by Laduma customer is someone that appreciates art, they customer is someone who is aspirational. We get many customers from loyal patrons who has invested in the brand for years. Also we get new consumers who aim to find out what our brand is about.

Our clientele are people that love bold aesthetic, well balanced aesthetic, beautiful and well crafted aesthetic that have a deep story behind it. They are looking for durable products that get a deep sense of meaning.

On where he gets style inspiration 

I get it mainly from art, trends and from the street.

Courtesy MAXHOSA by Laduma

The MAXHOSA by Laduma customer is someone that appreciates art, they customer is someone who is aspirational.

How would you describe your label?

Colourful and bold.

What do you believe should be the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe?

Their personality should be the foundation, women often express themselves through style, their use of colours, shapes and patterns, play a role in how they feel as well as what they seek to express. So them showing their personality should be the starting point.

Courtesy MAXHOSA by Laduma

Where can we purchase pieces from the brand?

The pieces can be purchased from our online store:, as well as through our flagship stores, Based in Johannesburg, Newtown Junction Mall and at the Mall of Africa.

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