Maliko, this Spring/Summer 2020 season draws inspiration from pythons in Idemili, South Central Nigeria. Exploring one of the traditions of the Idemili Origin and their strong bond to the life of the Idemili Python. It is believed that whoever kills python in Idemili performs a funeral for that python.

This collection was created by attentively studying the lifestyle, traditions, and interaction of the Python in relation to the people of Idemili as a culturally sustainable practice. The leather and colour choices in this collection come in many alternatives and combinations inspired by the python skin.

The technique used in the crafting of soles of the shoes strictly follow our aesthetics as artisanal brand carefully incorporating the definite shapes and interesting silhouettes as drawn from the interaction of these pythons with various objects around the community.

Brand Instagram – @malikostudios
Creative Direction – Ebuka Omaliko (@ebukaomaliko)
Photographer – @tifinix
Art Direction – Gina Amama for @gnation_x
Martha (@Black_marbie) @prolmodels
Ayo (@dabirah) @pro-l models
Maxwell (@st.maex) @castmodelmanagement