This new series by fashion brand, Lisa Folawiyo Studio in celebration of Women’s Month is a reminder to stay positive and inspired despite the gloomy happenings in the world today.

Using the hashtag #BetterTogether, the brand highlights inspiring women in the creative sphere, who are shaping the industry through a series of video interviews.

According to the brand:

Especially in times like these – amidst the panic, fear and uncertainty, there’s never been more of a need to come together, and support each other.

The women featured in this series include CEO and director of FEW Models Management Nigeria, Bolajo Fawehinmi, Photo Journalist, Yagazie Emezi; Singer, songwriter and musician, Falana; Architect, entrepreneur, public speaker and author Tosin Oshinowo and the Creative Director of the brand, Lisa Folawiyo.

In the short clips, they talk about style, inspiration, personal experiences and goals styled in pieces from Lisa Folawiyo Studio’s latest collection.

Watch the videos below


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Tosin Oshinowo

Tosin Oshinowo is an award-winning Nigerian architect, entrepreneur, public speaker and author. She led and implemented the new scheme of Maryland Mall located in Ikeja, the capital city of Lagos.

Upon returning to Lagos from her studies abroad, she practised at James Cubitt Architects and has designed works for the Guaranty Trust Bank, CafeNeo, Kamp Ikare Resort and Ying Yang Express.

Tosin has worked in leading international architect firms like Skidmore Owing & Merrill LLP London, and the Office of Metropolitan Architecture Rotterdam. Here, she was part of the team that designed a proposal for the Lagos 4th Mainland Bridge, an ambitious double-decker concept design with a pedestrian section on the lower deck and vehicles on top in 2008.

Speaking on standing out in a male dominated industry, she believes it’s not enough to just be a woman on a team, but a woman with clarity, focus and precision, who always strives for excellence.

Tosin wears the Lisa Folawiyo Studio Antique Baroque Layered slip dress


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Yagazie Emezi

A self-taught award-winning artist and photojournalist, born and raised in Aba, Nigeria.

Her artistic photo-projects are constructed pieces aimed to be visual critiques of Nigeria’s socio-political state and the roles media play in it, pulling from history and current events.

In addition to working with some of the worlds most renowned publications and media platforms, in 2019, Yagazie became the first black African woman to photograph for National Geographic Magazine.

Yagazie wears the Lisa Folawiyo Studio Dancing Women Silk Skirt Suit which she loves for its plunging neckline – a perfect balance between sexy and classy


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Victoria Falana aka Falana, is a Nigerian-Canadian singer, songwriter and musician.

Her sound is a unique mixture of afrobeat and soul. Growing up she was introduced to the sounds of Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade. However, she cites Lauryn Hill, Sade and Sia as major musical influences in her development as an artist.

A stint in Havana, Cuba, where Falana studied music and first started recording, allowed her to explore her artistic voice. (Which can be heard in the 4 languages that she speaks.) 2019 was a breakthrough year with the release of her critically acclaimed EP “Chapter One”, a self written & produced collection of 5 songs, which included the lead track “Ride Or Die”. She has just finished her as yet untitled debut album, which is due for release later this year.

Falana wears the Antique Baroque High-Neck Mini Dress


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Lisa Folawiyo

A mother of two, and Creative Director of Lisa Folawiyo. With no formal training, she started the label in her home, after the birth of her daughter in 2005.

Her passion for clothes and her innate sense of style, led her to create what at the time had never been done – the embellishment of local Ankara fabric; which has now become a global phenomenon. She has played a pivotal role in the African fashion industry, evidenced by her numerous accolades – such as her BOF500 feature in 2015.

The most fulfilling part about being a woman for Lisa, is being a mother.


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Bolajo Fawehinmi

Bolajo Fawehinmi (left), is the CEO and director of FEW Models Management Nigeria, one of the leading modelling agencies in Africa.

Bolajo has been instrumental in shaping the African modelling industry. Through scouting, training and mentoring models, Bolajo has helped to harness self-confidence and fortitude amongst her models. Through partnerships with international agencies, Bolajo has placed her models on the global stratosphere.

In 2017, FEW and IMG joined forces and debuted the ‘FEW Next Faces’ search, a model scouting event in Lagos. Following this partnership, Fawehinmi began scouting girls in other neighbouring West African countries.

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Video: @ua.x
Creative Direction: @dunsinwright