Following the successful launch of Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation, and 3 weeks of showcasing and celebrating prominent ladies of various shades, ages, and sizes, Lancôme has finally revealed the collage for its My Shade My Power campaign.

The campaign sought to celebrate African excellence with the 46 changemakers featured while introducing the 40 shades of Teint Idole available to the African market. Lancôme chose a wide variety from a Justice to a pilot, to a reigning beauty queen, wealth coach, brand specialist, etiquette coach, and architect as some of the faces to redefine beauty in Africa.

The foundation is an oil-free, long-wearing, natural matte foundation that creates a velvety-smooth complexion for up to 24 hours. It is medium to full coverage and was made for those ultra-long days where one does not have the time to retouch their makeup.

Formulated with colour-true NAI pigments, it maintains the skin’s pH level so that colour stays put all day
long, without caking or creasing. Plus, it’s infused with perlite and silica to ensure that excessive oils are absorbed, leaving behind a shine-free velvety matte complexion.

It took the Lancôme labs 8 years of research to develop this expert formula. The scientists wanted to ensure that they could accurately encapsulate the diversity of skin tones throughout the world and ensure a true-to-life match. As a result, we are proud to say that anyone can find their perfect match with Teint Idole Ultra Wear.

The 40 shades are available at Beauty Bar by Essenza as well as the pop up at Temple Muse Luxury
Concept Store.

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