Lagos Fashion Week begins its “Woven Threads II: Moving Circles” today. The virtual activations will explore distinct textile craftsmanship and its use of embroidery, weaving, spinning, and customization.

Lagos Fashion Week and Style House Files will present Iamisigo, Awa Meité, Nkwo, Emmy Kasbit, Pepper Row, Bloke among others at Woven Threads. These designers’ works highlight the link between the future of fashion and the preservation of textile craftsmanship across the continent as a foundation for cultural and socio-economic sustainability.

Watch Emmy Kasbit‘s exclusive Autumn/Winter 2021 presentation below. The collection tagged “SCARS” features unique pieces exuding sartorial modernity stand out on a bold predominant palette of red, subtly broken down with neutral tones of mint green, white and pink.

The red Akwete symbolizes strength and interaction with intricately woven colorful yarns signifying hope after such strange times. The black Akwete has blank spaces woven into the textile which signifies a state of solitude, emptiness, and loneliness. The green Akwete has a pathway motif signifying the different ways he and his team adapted during the brunt of the pandemic.

You can discover the full collection HERE