Multi-talented South African musician Lady Du is the cover girl for Moziak Magazine‘s latest issue.


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In this issue, Lady Du speaks on motherhood, music, and maintaining her crown. In addition, she discusses the differences between South Africa and the UK in terms of racism, the music scene, pay gaps, personal transitions, and new management.

On the cover, the singer is wearing an edgy print jacket by IMPRINT South Africa paired with gold accessories, matching black and white sunglasses and boots. The entire look complemented her edgy vibe.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On the differences between living in the UK and South Africa

I came here last year in April and I had the best time ever. I’m in a different country but the vibe and energy are the same as in South Africa. I think I’m bigger here than I am in my own country. I came here for one show and ended up booking 5 which have all sold out. Everybody wants me to stay here and fill up their clubs, so I’ve been very blessed to be back, but I have to go home at some point and pick things up again.

On racial issues in the United Kingdom

The racism here. My goodness… People of colour here and the way they get treated? It’s disgusting to watch. From the airport to the accommodation… my God. Your usual white person walks in and they get a smile, you know, but a black person walks in and everyone’s faces change.

Read the full interview on moziak.Africa.



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