Kigali is the capital city of the Republic of Rwanda, often described as one of the most developed and fast rising cities on the continent. The city boasts colourful markets, fabulous restaurants and an  amazing collection of art galleries and museums to an ever increasing fashion and design scene. In addition to an abundance of wildlife reserves ( touted as a ‘veritable birder’s paradise, with over 500 avian species recorded within its boundaries’), there is a flourishing tourism sector and compelling dining and nightlife options.

We tapped fashion insider and the ultimate Kigali cool girl – fashion designer Sonia Mugabo, to introduce us to her Kigali.

Scroll for tips on where to shop, stay, drink, and eat in Kigali and of course – some Sonia Mugabo creations to wear on your stay!

Bella Naija Style Insider: Sonia Mugabo

City: Kigali

Best Place To

Eat At: Poivre Noir, The Hut, Cucina Restaurant at Kigali Marriott

Drink At (Wine): Brachetto, Select Boutique Hotel, Ubuki

Drink At (Cocktails): Choma’D


This inviting spot on Nyarutarama serves traditional grill fare – think smoked beef sausages and incredibly juicy racks of pork. A crowd pleaser is their macaroni and cheese, perfect for when you need comfort food. The ambience is very chill and the cocktail menu is to die for.

What to Wear

Photo Courtesy Sonia Mugabo

Dance At: Cocobean or Envy

Hangout At: Pili Pili

Unwind At: Trophy’s

CocoBean Kigali

Located in a serene location with panoramic views of Kigali, this gem serves creative and artisanal fare with both African and American cuisine on offer , it is perfect for a chill Sunday or a more lively Saturday (it becomes quite lively at night).

What to Wear

People Watch At: Kigali Height Complex

Shop At: Amizero, Haute Baso, House of Tayo, Inzuki Designs, Moshions, Uzi and of course SoniaMugabo (All at the Kigali Cultural Village)

Best Touristy Activity: Helicopter ride overseeing Kigali city

Stay at/Live At /Staycation At: Radisson Blu, Marriott Hotel, Rubangura Apartments

What to Wear

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