ITSK Gold, an indigenous art and culture brand from Nigeria, whose aim is to tell the African story using jewelry and lifestyle one piece at a time, is creating unique products to do just that.

Inspired by the rich African culture, the founders Tosan Ideh and Tuoyo Dudu are promoting unity in diversity conversations, and cultural preservation, through the ITSK jewelry line, in form of wearable art.

The jewelry collection, which serves to encourage people to embrace their traditional heritage, consists of everything from rings to cufflinks, bracelets to neckpieces, and lapels pins to earrings. Each item has features of cultural importance etched on; Bini Queen Idia’s ceremonial mask, the ceremonial Ada, The Eben swords, the mask of Oduduwa, the Arewa symbol, and the Odum.

Following the launch of its e-commerce website, and the construction of its new factory in Benin City Nigeria, ITSK is geared towards empowering youths, students, and artisans with skills in the arts.

See the collection here