Courtesy Shaazia Adam
New designers pop up everyday and quite a few of them are undoubtedly talented. We’ve had our eyes on quite a few up and coming brands and we will be highlighting some of the major on-the rise- brands you need to know in the Discover series.
Courtesy Shaazia Adam
On why she started her line
Fashion has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I loved to understand how women dressed and how fabrics worked on different cuts and designs. Since I was 12 years old I started designing and making garments and by 16 I managed to enter the industry.
Courtesy Shaazia Adam
On the celebrities on her wishlist
I have a great admiration on strong, determined and sophisticated women you are in love with themselves. I admire Queen Rania [of Jordan], Michelle Obama and celebrities like Beyoncé who is a lover of fashion and art. I also admire a lot of the celebrities from my own country like Lizsha James who is definitely a beautiful woman to work with.
Who is the Shaazia Adam woman?

The Shaazia Adam woman is a woman who knows fashion, she knows her priorities and she knows where she is going. Strong and determined, feminine yet sophisticated. This woman works, she can be a mom yet she has fun when she dresses up.

On where she gets style inspiration 

I find inspiration primarily from women around me, and then I search this women in art pieces and sometimes I translate their stories through architecture and art history.

Courtesy Shaazia Adam

The Shaazia Adam woman is a woman who knows fashion, she knows her priorities and she knows where she is going.

How would you describe your label?

I define my label as a luxury label with intricate details. Feminine yet bold.

Courtesy Shaazia Adam

What do you believe should be the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe?

I believe that in the times of today, women work and still have a social life, their wardrobes must be functional but different. Never leave behind the black dress of course!

Courtesy Shaazia Adam

Where can we purchase pieces from the brand?  

Pieces from my brand can be purchased directly from us on our social media pages and also through the Fashion Agent who are also working with our brand in South Africa.

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