We’ve been conditioned to think that natural hair in all its kinky, coily glory isn’t ‘glamorous’ or ‘beautiful. The Natural Hair Chronicles is a BNS original content series that celebrates women who are pushing against Eurocentric beauty standards and embracing their natural texture and rocking it on screen, on the red carpet and in their everyday lives. 

BNS:How has your relationship with your hair evolved over the years?

My hair journey has been quite eventful, a little complicated but all in all, worth while.

BNS:Have you always appreciated its natural texture?

I haven’t always appreciated my natural texture, I have had my hair permed for most of my life. However, I made the transition to my natural texture in 2015.

BNS:Do you believe hair and women’s hair choices are over politicised?

Honestly when it comes to African/Black hair. I totally understand and support the political declarations and cultural statements surrounding it. For centuries we’ve been made to believe through subliminal messages through the media that our natural texture isn’t good enough. And in some parts of the world till date, at the workplace, certain natural hairstyles are tagged ‘unprofessional’. So Yass to the natural hair movement lol.

BNS:What hair style makes you feel the most glamorous and what does your hair mean to you today?

Because I am an actor, I tend to wear a lot of wigs. However I feel most glamorous and exotic when I style my natural hair.

BNS:Have there been times you felt you were over or under appreciated because of how your hair was styled or not styled?

My hair means a lot to me considering it has been quite the journey.

I’ve gone from having healthy permed hair to damaged permed hair to transitioning to having damaged natural hair (cause I didn’t know how to care for it) to now ‘Phew’

So it’s a huge sense of pride for me.

BNS:Are you more or less accepting of your natural texture now?

I think in recent times there’s generally an appreciation for the natural texture.

I get a lot of ‘ooohhs’ and ‘aaaahhs’ when I style my natural hair. Don’t know if it’s cos they’re surprised I have natural hair or cos of how it was styled ??‍♀️

I have COMPLETELY embraced my natural texture!.