Ify’s Kitchen comes all the way through with this delicious moin moin recipe with no fuss and no mess. Nigerian Comfort food at its very best!

She wrote on her channel:

My mum makes the best moin moin ever, and I am so proud to say I learnt how to make it from her and I learnt well. If you are looking for a recipe that is guaranteed to give you a soft butter-like delicious and perfect moin moin then you have no business with any other moin moin recipe.

This is the one.😀. In the video, I will also show you the fastest and easiest way to peel beans for your moin moin. I will also show you how to wrap moin moin in leaves like a pro. You can call this a masterclass in making Moimoi.



Smoked mackerel fish


Paprika peppers

Scotch bonnet peppers


Cooking oil

Seasoning powder

Warm water

Moin Moin leaves