As we all know, Egusi soup has become a staple in practically every Nigerian household as it can be combined or eaten with any dish of your choice. If you are thinking of making the delectable dish and have no idea of where to begin, Ify’s Kitchen has got you.

The multi-award-winning culinary expert just shared a mouth-watering egusi soup tutorial on her YouTube channel, and the results got us craving every leaf in that soup.

On her channel she shared,

In this video, I am showing you how to make the best Nigerian Egusi soup recipe using three absolutely different vegetables that complement each other beautifully in our Nigerian Egusi soup. This Egusi soup recipe is very rich in flavour and you will love my style of cooking delicious Nigerian Egusi soup. #egusisoup #egusisouprecipe #howtomakeegusisoup #Nigerianegusisoup

Enjoy the recipe in the full video below.