What do you get when an effortlessly stylish Media IT girl decides to go into fashion? Chic pieces that will likely sell out fast!

Idia Aisien has officially launched a new ready-to-wear collection in collaboration with African Designer’s Mall, and we already want every item. The debut collection has a range of dresses and stylish sets for the everyday woman.

According to Idia;

I’ve always loved fashion since I was a kid and it was only a matter of time. Africandesignersmall brought the opportunity and I couldn’t resist! Over the last few years here, it’s been all about being a media girl, TV presenter and content creator, but I want people to see a different side of me.

In this exclusive chat with BNStyle, Idia tells us more about the designs and her favourite look from the collection. Keep scrolling to read more and see the full collection below

BNS: Who is this collection for?
Idia: I love the working woman because she represents a class that cuts across, who are owning their different passions…but we’ve included some very fun and fashionable pieces for our slay fashionistas.

BNS: How did you incorporate your personal style into the collection?
Idia: My style is very versatile naturally because as much as I love to push boundaries when I’m on the gram or red carpet, I am extremely conservative and professional offline. So you see an element of both sides, cause I believe most people are multidimensional.

BNS: Which of the pieces from the collection are must-haves?
Idia: My favourite piece is the “Style-star” dress, it is a white short dress with exaggerated sleeves, which is one of my latest addictions. There’s also the “white Bafa” shirt dress with a PVC pocket detail which is also so me!

BNS: Will there be a stand-alone fashion brand in the future?
Idia: Absolutely!! I’ve had so much fun creating this collection with ADM that there will definitely be more fashion from me.

See all the pieces below

Discover the full collection on www.africandesignersmall.com

Collaboration: @idia.aisien & @africandesignersmall
Creative Direction: @ebeleudoh
Director/DP – @temi_evo
Co-Director – @Cliff_views
C/o – @jaybrothersproduction
Location: @noirlagos
Makeup: @marcxpro