With Lionheart, one of Nigeria’s most loved actresses Genevieve Nnaji makes her directorial debut. The film  Lionheart is a masterpiece of great cinematography, amazing acting and beautiful storytelling and was filled with a lot of familiar faces and most notably Genevieve herself. The talented Ms Nnaji reminds us once again why she is one of the most prolific actresses to ever come out of Nollywood as she acts alongside some of the greatest Nigerian entertainment veterans, gives us a thrilling acting performances and almost outshines every other actor – a very applaudable feat.

Playing the role of Adaeze, a career woman on a mission to prove herself in a male dominated world, Genevieve doesn’t just act the part but dresses the part. With outfits that scream ‘boss lady’ and ‘fashionable career woman’, Genevieve spent most of Lionheart serving back to back workwear style inspiration. Reminding us once again that workwear doesn’t have to be boring or unstylish. From the natural hair to the beautiful dresses, Adaeze (Genevieve Nnaji) was the perfect fashionable CEO that we all dream to be.

Here are four workwear style tips worth picking up from Genevieve’s character in Lionheart.

1. Go For More Colourful Outfits

Just because it’s your work outfit doesn’t mean it has to be boring. For most of the Lionheart movie, we found Adaeze at work or in meetings or on her way to one in colorful outfits which were very work appropriate but at the same time, were very fun.

2. Don’t Forget To Accesorize 

Adaeze was definitely aware of the power that comes with accesorizing appropriately. Each time we spotted Adaeze, she had the right accessories to go with her outfit – often times going down the more minimal accessorizing route – and they all served to make each outfit she wore a hit!

3. Always Remember That Workwear Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Adaeze reminds us to have fun while dressing up for work and to not stick to the same old tried and regular workwear. Try new colours and fun silhouettes in new interesting ways because after all, dressing up is and should be fun.

4. Never Forget Your Sunglasses

Eight out of ten times, Adaeze had on her sunglasses and kept reminding us that a pair of sunglasses can be just the one thing to give your outfit the umph it needs to go from a ten to a hundred!