Premium fashion brand and retail store House of DOT just released its Christmas campaign. Trust us when we say every item would make a good Christmas gift for that special lady in your life this season. The campaign features accessories and dresses from House of Dot as well as stylish pieces from top Nigerian brands like Ejiro Amos Tafiri and The Ladymaker.

Look 1
Magenta Top and Blue skirt:@the_ladymaker
Drum bags (mini):@houseofdotshop
Fringe Sandals:@houseofdotshop 

According to the brand:

The year 2020 has been a long and challenging one all over the world with the Covid-19 Pandemic, Economic recession, Political revolutions, and so many other issues that have shaken our core and existence as humans. Even though the year has been in a topsy-turvy mode, we have had moments of beauty, laughter, and clarity.

Christmas is a time of wonder and love, and there is nothing more delightful than taking in the sights and sounds of the season in our new normal. Although we can not celebrate the festivities on the large scale as we are used to(going out, parties, travel), we can still bask in the joy of the yuletide and enjoy our Objects of Delight.

Our Objects of Delight (bags and shoes) are inspired by the objects and things we see, use, and enjoy in everyday Nigeria- Talking drum, Shoemakers box, Moon, and Ornaments. It is a Made-In-Nigeria kind of Christmas, and very delightful to note.

See the full campaign below

Look 2
Pink dress:@ejiroamostafiri
Manhattan mini boxes:@houseofdotshop

Look 3
Green dress: @houseofdotshop
Embellished SJP Boxes:@houseofdotshop
Gunmetal armour black shoes: @houseofdotshop

Look 4
Celine dress:@ejiroamostafiri
Embellished Cybil purses:@houseofdotshop
Fringe shoes:@houseofdotshop

Look 5
Grey top:@the_ladymaker
Kibira black skirt:@the_ladymaker
Scalloped Semi-circle purses:@houseofdotshop
Crystal and Fringe magenta sandals:@houseofdotshop

Look 6
Grey top:@the_ladymaker
Kibira black skirt:@the_ladymaker
Rectangle Name Pouch(as seen with model):@houseofdotshop
All bags and shoes:@houseofdotshop


Creative Direction:@insignaonline
Styling: @houseofdotshop
Bags: @houseofdotshop
Shoes: @houseofdotshop
Clothes:@the_ladymaker |@ejiroamostafiri