Renowned Nigerian artist Dennis Osadebe has collaborated with the prestigious French luxury brand Hermès to introduce a stunning creation: the Surfing Fan scarf 65. This marks Dennis’ first venture into accessories, adding a new facet to his already impressive career.

Dennis adds his name to the growing roster of visual artists engaging in collaborations with renowned fashion houses and brands. Over the past year, other notable collaborations include Gucci partnering with Cinthia Sifa Mulanga and Samson Bakare, as well as a collaboration between Zandile Tshabalala and Bottega Veneta. This trend highlights the increasing intersection between the worlds of visual art and high-end fashion.

The scarf unveils an unexpected yet captivating scene: a horse poised gracefully on a surfboard amid the serenity of the open sea. Marked by stylized shapes, flat tints of colour, and embellishments drawn from African decorative motifs, the design highlights Dennis’ remarkable talent for seamlessly blending tradition with a contemporary and global perspective. Available in sophisticated Beige, Noisette, and Ciel colours, this exclusive scarf, meticulously crafted from a blend of 51% cotton and 49% silk, serves as a canvas for Dennis’ distinctive artistic approach.

In a statement by the brand about the story behind the scarf:

Horses can’t surf… and most certainly not that elegantly! Nonetheless, here we can see one, designed by Dennis Osadebe, a multimedia artist from the young artistic scene in Lagos, Nigeria. Rooted in tradition and innovation, painting and digital design come together in this expression of his Neo-African art.

This ensemble paints a fine figure, and certainly draws the eye! What a strange sight… a horse stands, dignified and laidback, on a surfboard floating in the middle of a calm sea. Austere to the point of striking, with its stylized shapes, flat tints of color and embellishments inspired by African decorative motifs, it is propelled by the fan firmly harnessed to its back!