Beauty YouTuber Seun Okimi has just shared a new hair tutorial on her channel and in this new episode, she talks about the best method to use when styling a pre-twisted shoulder-length passion twist for a long-lasting install.

On her channel, she shared:

This step by step detailed tutorial is perfect for beginners. This method requires no rubber band and I do not do the rubber band method. This also works great for both long hair and short hair, relaxed or natural, as my hair is actually longer than these twists. For this tutorial I use passion twist braiding hair that has already been pre-twisted which makes it very fast and easy to install.

It especially works great on 4c hair or any hair type because, with this method, your real hair can’t frizz out which makes it last so long! If you are looking for how to make your passion twist last long of passion twists that you can get wet or swim with, this tutorial is perfect for you! This bob shoulder-length style is also similar to the butterfly locs style! Both are great. In this, I also show some cute passion twist hairstyles to show you just how versatile they still are while using this method.

Watch the full video below!