It’s safe to say we have all at some point experimented with makeup trends. Over the past few months, makeup enthusiasts have come out with stunning designs with striking eyeliner techniques and vivid colors. The trend doesn’t officially have a name yet, but we’re calling it the graphic eyeliner trend.

You don’t have to be a makeup expert or professional to draw eye-catching liner designs, just have fun with it!. We’ve made it easy for you to try your own graphic eyeliner designs, check out these 5 styles you can draw inspiration from. BellaStylistas, Don’t forget to tag us #BellaNaijaBeauty when you post those stunning pictures for the gram!.

The Staple White Liner

Before eyeliner started taking on different hues, white eyeliner has been the go-to girl after the classic black eyeliner. Asides from making you look more awake, they can be counted on to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. White eyeliner on and around your lids can elevate your everyday makeup to a more fun artsy look.


Classic Cat Eye Liner

If you’re more of a classic girl, your cat eyeliner looks are not limited to just black. Venture into the world of bold and metallic eyeliners and thank us later!.



The Graphic Glitter Liner

Glitter is one surefire way to get the party started! If you want to stand out or make a powerful statement with your eyes, add glitter to your vibrant eyeliner and watch sparks fly.


The Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner was perhaps the first style we all tried with eyeliner, especially because it lifts and elongates the eyes, giving it that ‘snatched’ look. Apart from it being universally flattering, it’s also easy to achieve. Give your wings a facelift using different colors of liquid liner, no colors are off-limits!.