Ever get that feeling, when you read a quote or post from someone you admire and it seems like they are speaking to you specifically?

Learning from the best is just common sense, and one way to face your issues head on and give you some inner strength, is hearing solid advice from women who are out there doing things IRL.

Sometimes it can be just the push we need! As we kick off LiveWell Week, (just in time for Global Wellness Week). Learn some great tips on how to exude confidence and get kick-ass, practical wisdom from some women who we admire and respect (and are the best friends we secretly wish we had). These girlbosses share what they are doing to make sure they kill it in 2018!

Liz Osho, So.Me Solutions

Own it, Believe it, Achieve it!
In 2018, it’s so important that we all understand that to achieve ANYTHING, we require faith and belief in ourselves, our vision! Most important of all is putting in the work, determination, and dedication. All things are possible for those who are believe and are resilient!

My biggest regret of 2017 is that I wasn’t present enough in my life…I allowed fear in too much even though faith still prevailed in the end…in 2018 I want to be more present in my life. I want to experience the miracles as they happen not after the fact and I want to be fearless even in the face of adversity. [I’m] Putting this out there because I’ve learned that when I set the intention I ultimately attract what I want.

‘With passion and hardwork, fantasy becomes reality – in 2018, I’m focusing on building incremental innovation a core part of my business and growing organically and authentically, as well as connecting more with the core events community, in order to really delve into what my audience needs from our event planning tool’

Afua Osei, She Leads Africa

“I started the year off by taking a week to think about what I wanted to wanted to accomplish this year not just in terms of business accomplishments but the type of person I wanted to be. By taking the time to reflect, write down my aspirations and commit to them, I can already see a difference in how I’m focusing on what’s most important and crossing things off the list.”

Vimbai Mutinhri, Miss Vimbai

Every year will be a great year if you are always excited! Be open minded, but focused. Be constantly optimistic and quick to let go of the negative. Things will not always go according to plan, leave room for destiny to work its magic. Most importantly – learn to see the opportunities in every situation, because some blessings are far more disguised than others

What do you do to stay motivated? What was your favourite quote? Let us know in the comments!