We joined Ada ‘ Folu Storms’ Ogunkeye for a super fun Red Carpet Ready session prior to the Lara and the Beat premiere, where she answered some of our (nosy) questions about her red carpet process, must haves and other fun tidbits!

Check out our chat below

What is the first thing you do when you wake up on the morning of a big event?

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning of a big event is say a quick prayer then draw up s list of last minute errands to run. It’s usually little finishing touches like nails, shoes etc I also put in a face mask to help moisturize and prepare my face for the make up later on

What was your red carpet hair prep like?

My hair was styled and prepped by Locitude and they took the colour theme to heart! I love red hair and in my soul know I’m a red head to bringing the fire in my look plus the drama made me so happy! Most people don’t realize just how versatile locs are so I’m happy to be able to show off the possibilities of my hair!

Pre game or no pre-game? 

Pre-game definitely.

Drink of choice?

Tonight it’s Cruz Vodka of course!

What do you typically do on the car ride to the event?

Typically on the car ride to the event I listen to my favourite music. Making sure you’re in a good mood is key to looking great on the red carpet!

Break down your look tonight for us

My dress for tonight matches the theme for tonight exactly: “bold, colorful, runway ready!” So once I told my stylist Ms Modish we looked at a couple of options and cake up with something that matched my quirky-cute personality!

The Final Look