Every Friday, the BNS social media and editorial team comes together to share all our favorite things from the past week. From the fashion brand we are obsessed with to the BellaStylista whose style is just goals, here are this week’s fab finds.


Leather accessories brand ROA Handcrafted released its debut collection which they titled Dawn and we are loving it. The pieces are simply exquisite and we believe are also wardrobe essentials for every fashionable woman.



The entire Neutrogena Hydro Boost range is filled with great hydrating products engineered to leave your skin looking and feeling moisturized and the Neutrogena Hydro Boost body cream is no different. We definitely recommend this to everyone looking to glow this fall.



There’s just something about cute places with great tasting and well-curated menu and the one we absolutely think everyone should try is Cactus Lagos. Aesthetics, amazing food and great service. YES!


Following the news of Lionheart being submitted for Oscar consideration, we re-watched the movie a couple times and we have come to the conclusion that the movie ticks all the boxes a movie masterpiece should. A perfect blend of A+ cinematography, storytelling and acting. 10/10 recommend you rewatch it this weekend.



Never one to disappoint, style blogger and influencer Ama Godson always looks good. Perpetually decked in perfectly curated outfits and always showing that she has the range when it comes to style, Ama Godson is without a doubt our BellaStlylista of the week.