Every Friday, the BNS social media and editorial team comes together and share all our favorite things from the past week. From the fashion brand we are obsessed with to the BellaStylista whose style is just goals, here are this week’s fab finds.



As we go further into the summer, we are stocking up on all the summer-appropriate pieces from African fashion brands we can find and one brand who has recently rolled out a summer collection to end all other summer collections is Senegalese brand Tongoro. The pieces from their summer collection perfectly capture all the things that make summer fashion super bomb: colorful, loose fitting and an inherent free-spiritedness.



Everyone needs a Fenty Beauty product. This is a fact. However, in the summer, the one Fenty Beauty product you should stock up on (if you have to choose one) is the Fenty Beauty Body Lava. We can not emphasis the necessity of a summer glow and if there’s any one product in the world that can give yo that instant summer glow it’s the Fenty Beauty Body Lava.



When we found Craft Gourmet’s Instagram, the first word that came to mind ‘oh‘ followed by a ‘wow‘. While Craft Gourmet isn’t in any way a new restaurant and we are most certainly late to the party, we couldn’t quite get over the fact that a restaurant like this exists. With perfect food plating, an assorted selection of tasty yet pretty looking meals and an awe inducing space, Craft Gourmet is the perfect destination of every food lover who also loves taking photos of their meals and restaurant spaces.



This week, Miley Cyrus released the visuals of the lead single of her recently released She Is Coming EP, My Mother’s Daughter. The video featured many amazing women doing amazing things for and within their communities. Other than how beautiful the video is, the statement it makes and how bold it is just gives us serious life.



Picking this week’s BellaStylista wasn’t quite easy as our BellaStylistas came all the way through with their outfits and content all day of this week. However, one look at Marta Lungo’s instagram feed sealed the deal for us. Her cohesive feed, her eye-catching outfits and the digital content she creates and regularly churn out just give her an edge among other influencers.