Struggling to get back on the exercise horse after falling off it ? You definitely are not alone.  It’s a familiar scenario – you are determined to see your New Year’s resolution to get back in shape to the finish line, but something inevitably happens (usually jollof rice related!) and it becomes harder and harder to get back into the habit.

Fret not, it happens to the best of us and ultimately, thanks to some versatile activewear pieces from brands like Nike, Tory Sport, JoyLab and Ivy Park, we have ample wardrobe inspiration to get moving.

It’s not a foolproof plan, but getting your gym wardrobe together is a first step right?

Right this way for a chic mix of performance wear and street-chic, from bold colour combinations to sexy mesh detailing – shop our top picks for your re-entry to team #FitFam.

Lead Image: Nnenna Okoye