Hey BellaStylistas,

Certified Professional Organizer Bukie Akinmade popularly known as The Kitchen Muse, is out with 7 efficient food storage hacks to help you keep off the pests so that your food items can stay fresh and last longer. Check them out in the video below:

Here’s a quick recap:
1. Store your Rice with cloves to prevent pantry bugs from getting in them
2. Put some Cloves and Bay leaves in your Flour to keep worms and bugs away
3. Add Cloves to your Pasta jar to prevent pantry bugs
4. Store Grapes & Strawberries in an air-tight jar so they can last longer, up to 3 weeks
5. Wrap cling film around the top of your Bananas and store them away from other fruits so they don’t ripen too fast
6. Put Cloves and Cinnamon in your Sugar jar to keep ants away
7. Put your Spring Onions in water so they last longer in the fridge

Credit: @thekitchenmuse