The freezer is a treasure chest filled with all kinds of food. I like the way the cool mist hits my face when opening the door. From frozen food to poultry, to veggies, to ice cream, and the works.

All of these things combined, tend to give your freezer a musty smell. Most especially when there’s fish and pepper mix in there. Defrosting and cleaning a freezer can be a chore if you’re just trying to get rid of the musty smell. Don’t get me wrong, you definitely should clean out your freezer every so often. However, it is one thing to clean a freezer and another thing to freshen it up.

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

A simple way to get rid of the musty smell is to fill up a sock with fresh coffee granules and place it in the freezer. Here’s how

1: Use a sock fresh from laundry and fill it halfway with coffee granules. If you don’t have granules, coffee beans will do.

2: Make a tight knot at the halfway point. Ensure that it’s nice and tight as you don’t want the granules to be moving around loosely

3: Place in the freezer overnight and the musty smell will be completely absorbed

There you go. Quick and easy.

Will you try this?