Ghanian brand FashionGHANA just shared their latest collection filled with lovely treats for the spring. The outfits are inclusive of all the latest trending fashion attributes, from layered skirts and tiered trousers to wide-leg pants, and more. The creative directors endeavoured to establish a collection infused with bubbly colours entangled with monochrome print patterns emulated from Mali’s bogolan cloth.

The brand disclosed concerning the lookbook:

The direction collection is one of our first look lookbook-orientated collections among various clothes sold on the FashionGHANA online boutique. FashionGHANA today stands as Africa’s first eCommerce online shop and was the main driving media behind the popularity of African fashion.

2022 marks 10 years of unwavering promotion of fashion in Ghana and Africa. The launch of the Direction collection represents a way forward for African fashion designers in the field of ready-to-wear and the application of embracing modern with African aesthetics.

See the full collections below:

Creative Direction:
Models: @julia.adjeley_@isabella_fafa