2019 is in and the holidays are officially over, The New Year signifies a fresh start and let’s be honest, the “New Year, New Me” memes never really get old. Even though each year we make promises to get in shape, save more, along with a list of other resolutions we vow to keep but end up not really seeing through.

However, we love doing them anyway, especially if they are of a sartorial nature, style-elevating intentions are definitely important for all fashion lovers.

This year as part of our January Kick Start issue, we asked 12 of our favourite fashion people what fashion goals they are setting for the year ahead. For all our BellaStylistas, there’s no pressure to completely alter your style this year, carry on with yo fabulous self! See this merely as a guide to have your most fashion-forward year yet!

Alma Ezonfade

My style resolution for 2019 is to invest in more classic pieces that transition through different seasons and trends. I have done this in the past but I’ll be heavily focused on building a wardrobe of timeless pieces, ranging from clothing to jewellery, shoes, and accessories in between.

Angel Obasi

Buy more heeled sandals, I have enough stilettos and pumps.
– Wear more denim because they are classics
– Use a lot more highlighter, beauty-wise
– Love more tees that aren’t white.
– Buy more outfits that aren’t white.
– Catch up on all my vogue articles monthly.

Olivia Arukwe

So here go my fashion habits to pick up and drop.
– Shoes that hurt: we don’t have to suffer for fashion in 2019
– Biker shorts need to go!
– Stop comparing your style to someone else: create your own style and be comfortable with it
– Stop over indulging in fast fashion
– Wear clothes that fit

Habits to pick up
– Do walk on the wild side with animal print
– More menswear for women
– Accessorize: check to see if you can add anything to your outfit, whether it be a belt or necklace
– Think outside the box ( be very stylish )

Tip: Do not forget to have fun and be comfortable


The only colors I’ll be wearing this new year ? “not” black. Yes I’ll be dropping my fashion habit of always wearing black, I’d love to explore more with colors and prints. Don’t get me wrong solid colors will always remain a classic (black,white, grey) that I’ll always love.

Statement earrings are still a must have for me and I’ll definitely be splurging on shoes. I hear headbands would be hot this year who knows I might just dive into that.

I’ll be investing in quality handbags, a recent discovery about my style – I have tons of bags I don’t carry because I end up accessorizing with the same ones for various occasions. Then why not invest in quality ones that’d last longer ?

I’m a sucker for sneakers but I’ll be head over “heels” this new year. I plan on stealing the show with my perfectly toned legs LOL.

Nonso Bassey

2018 was an interesting year for me style-wise. I decided to come out of my shell and try new things, and it worked. So this year;
– No more sticking to suits for any and every occasion. I am going to be a lot more open to trying new styles. I will experiment more with fashion.
–  I plan to wear sneakers a lot this year. Lol. And maybe a durag too. We’ll see.
– I’m looking to collaborate with more fashion brands to add to my style profile. The prospect of what this year will look like is already exciting to me.

Mary Edoro

This year I plan to invest more in staple pieces that will never go out of style; fewer separates and random buying. I always vow to build my accessories collection each year but I want to accessorize to the max in 2019! Okay jk, but I plan to wear more arm candy and fancy jewelry.

I definitely plan on giving more things away this year. Less hoarding and more giveaways. I’m clinging tightly to the phrase: “in giving, you receive”!

Cinosanda Sandele

Invest in key pieces like t-shirts, jeans, blazers, black pants.
– Minimalize your wardrobe. This will allow you to have good visibility of everything you have, to better match all the pieces and more importantly, to buy only what you really need.
– Include bright colors in your wardrobe. The bright colors will give life to the pieces that are more neutral and dark colors.
– Always have a pair of high shoes. These allow you to transform a simple look as jeans and T-shirt to a fabulous one.

Tosin Ogundadegbe

Fashion collections like personal style are an embodiment of fantasy and reality. For the year 2019, It’s more reality than fantasy for me. I started out with the idea of cleansing my closet which honestly was quite difficult to do because of the cost implications involved in building a working closet that works with my taste, each  merchandise has a story or a stint of a buyer or wearers emotions attached to it but hey how many garments can you wear at the same time… plus I believe in giving.
So for this year I made up mind  to streamline my closet to a minimal color palette, investing in staple pieces that are not defined by season and can be restyled in a plethora of ways,  also buying on the idea of investing in Statement pieces (that could range from jackets, jewellery, bags to shoes) for important events and also to add that extra oomph for the off days I crave simplicity without hitting boring.
I am ditching impulse or unnecessary  buying of fashion and focusing more on long term financial investments. As much as we love to live and breathe fashion and Style, it is very important we save for the rainy days and invest in what is more sustainable . Been trying year in and out in my own pace and little way but I’m certain  I’ll do better this year and I hope all fashionistas would take a cue.  At this point to be more Miranda Hobbes than Carrie Bradshaw.

Vanessa Azar

Wear more African designers
– Stop complaining about African designers prices. If I can psychologically afford to buy an industrial expensive dress made in “who cares where”, I should be able to buy a custom made outfit made by Africans.
– Give more fashion advice even if not asked. People must know when they look a mess (thank me later).
– More is more … I still don’t care for “less is more”
– Heels, heels and more heels. Isn’t what they say: the higher the heels the closer to God?
– In case of doubt, a white shirt, a pair of jeans and a darn high stiletto!
– More fantasy and more art in all I’ll wear. I’ll Wake up feeling like “The origin of the world” painting by Gustave Courbet, dress up like in the 50’s such as Sophia Loren in the afternoon and sparkle like an Elizabeth Taylor ring at night!
– More fun and fewer rules in all…
– More appearances in BellaNaija Style (since I made it here!)
– Try short wigs (or colorful ones)
– Have more typical accessories… Leather is so 2018!

Temitayo Nathan

First off, I think I’m a bit late to the loose pant style. I’ve been more interested in skinny jeans and tapered pants but I’m looking to switch that up! I’m trying loose denim and slightly oversized/ill-fitted pants. I hope they come out great!

I’m going to be investing more in leather bags and accessories. I recently just fell in love with leather works from backpacks to satchels, detailed wallets, and cardholders and the likes! Even if shopped right, they’re a good way to get your money’s worth!

Silk & Satin! I’m a big fan of silk and satin, wore a lot in 2018 but I’m going to be doing even a lot more in 2019. I’m going to explore different ways to incorporate them in my everyday style, from scarves to shirts, pants and even babushkas!

Also, in 2019 I’m going to try to buy only what I need and stop following trends! I shopped a couple of items just because they were trendy at some point and ended not wearing them even once cus they didn’t fit my personal style. So yeah that’s basically all for now! Haha

Silvia Njoki

My biggest style resolution is to make an effort to discover new brands, especially in Kenya. I am guilty of getting too comfortable with certain brands that I love and trust. I fail to explore out of my comfort zone but things are about to change this year. There are many new local brands getting into the market and I already have my eyes on some pieces.

I’d also like to challenge myself creatively and design some pieces for myself with my local tailors.
So this year for me is about exploring, experimenting and creating!

Onyii Bekeh

Focus on building an insane accessories collection (honestly, I’ve enough clothes)
– Quitting high fashion
– Dry-clean and tailor my clothes
– Wear more color… and jeans lol
– Explore the maximalism aspect of my personal style more

What are your own 2019 style resolutions?

Share yours in the comments section below!