The Lagos Fashion Week kicks off today at 2 pm WAT on Zoom with the Fashion Business Series. BellaNaija Style is excited to be one of the official Media Partners once again this year.

Since its launch, FBS has played a critical role in bringing together key stakeholders in the fashion industry to facilitate conversations, exchange of ideas, and networking to advance the industry.

This year, a lineup of highly influential game-changers in the fashion industry will engage in the discourse surrounding responsible sourcing and manufacturing in Africa. 

Join the conversation with Busayo Olupona (Founder and Creative Director of Busayo, Aissa Dione (Founder of Aissa Dione), Mariama Camara (Founder of Mariama Fashion Production), Tammy Tinker (Founder Big Little Store), and Viola Labi (Managing Director of Woven) to discuss how we can strengthen Africa’s supply chain while making it one of the biggest hubs for apparel sourcing and production.

You can register here or visit the website lagosfashionweek.ng for more information.